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We created the vision for a brand new thriving industry in Food Supplements in the UK. Redfox are a digital agency based in Cannock & Wolverhampton.
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Who are CBDaily?

CBDaily are the UK's premium CBD Oil supplier. They offer a high quality, effective, easy to administer product to fit into people's daily routine to help assist their own personal wellbeing.

Branding & Logo Design

eCommerce Web Design

Packaging Design

Search Engine Optimisation


CBDaily are a new startup company who needed an online presence in a competitive and quite controversial market. They wanted to position themselves within the market as a premium seller who offered something that no other supplier were offering.


The plan for the brand was to create a something unique that would stand out from it's competitors, whilst maintaining a quality look and feel to the product. We planned to create carry the brand over to the packaging, website and any promotional material for the launch of the product.

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Since its founding, the community has known Places for People as an organization helping those with mental illness get off the streets, into supportive homes and communities. After 40 years, PFP had moved past their housing roots and now works to meet both physical and mental health needs.